Lawn Care in Sarasota

Landscaping Design & Installation

We increase the beauty and value of your homes and businesses, from modest properties to grand estates, by designing and installing beautiful landscapes.

Few jobs are too large or too small for us. We can simply provide your yard with some seasonal color or we can design and create a statement garden for you.

A perfect landscape requires 4 distinct components which need to work together in harmony. We provide the full package:

  1. The Landscape
    Selecting and planting turf, plants and trees which reflect your taste, can thrive in the setting and provide needed function, e.g. privacy, shade, safety
  2. The Hardscape
    Installing paths, walls, terraces, patios, steps, boulders, etc. to shape your outdoor space and to direct people in and around the landscape
  3. The Irrigation
    Selecting the right kind of irrigation, either low flow, such as drip line or micro spray, or high flow such as fixed spray or rotor, or a combination of the two. Designing and installing a system which maximizes cover and minimizes water wastage across the entire landscape
  4. The Lighting
    Planning and installing the right combination of path lighting, accent lighting and function lighting to enable full enjoyment of your outdoor living area after dusk. Helping you to choose hidden lighting or statement lighting to suit your taste and the character of your garden

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